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"Richard has the daring to go where it's necessary, do what is required, make great suggestions to get just that right shot, just that right look, and more. He also has the technical knowledge to back up the art. It's a rare combination of style and ability along with a great personality, easy-going manner and can-do attitude that makes for an enjoyable and less stressful shoot."<br> - Joseph Lawson, Director (Clash of The Empires, Ardennes Fury, Age of Dinosaurs)


"Richard brings humility, positivity, kindness, and generosity to each project, along with a relentless can-do attitude. He always has a creative solution to every problem that presents itself."<br> - Richard Schenkman, Director (Mischief Night, The Man From Earth)


"It's unfortunately very rare to find a DP that has the skill, kindness and patience that Richard radiates every day he is on set. He is a producer's dream and an AD's answered prayer. It's refreshing to work with a DP that cares about the producers pocket book without losing sight of the directors vision."<br> - Chris Fishel, Director (The Storm)


"Richard was a true collaborator who showed a passion for the story, but was always practical in his approach. This practical nature is especially important in the high stress, low-budget indie world, where there’s always a limit of crew, equipment, and time. Finally, Richard always brought a positive attitude to the project, especially on our hardest days. He was always up for the challenge, and ready to try a new idea."<br> - Andre LeBlanc, Director (The Storm, They Watch)


"From a producer's point of view, I was ultimately impressed by Richard's remarkable ability to - not only understand the value of existing funds, essential budget costs, and realistic time management, but to also empathize with all my financial decisions using practical yet skillful and creative, 'Richard Vialet-style' approaches towards meeting production needs."<br> - Payvi Tehrani, Producer (Noah's Party)

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